Love Is Jusy A Funny Feeling

Love is just another feeling,
just like happiness and sorrow.
Love is just like a cold,
its here today and gone tomorrow.
Through all the tears and pain,
through all the laughter and joy.
Through all the sunshine and rain,
you've put up with that boy.
The one who says he loves you,
the one you talk to on the phone.
The one you gave yourself to,
the one you call your very own.
You desire him, you need him,
you want him with you always.
You cry with him, you sleep with him,
you listen to what he says.
He wants you, he needs you,
he can't live without you.
And then you find out he leads you-
On, just like a fool you've been played.
I'll never again fall in love,
then you forget those words you've said.
Those feelings return from above,
he's so cute and attractive and he's such a dear.
And he thinks the same about you,
he says the words you want to hear,
And you say-
I love you too.

by mandy faye

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