Love Is Life....Life Is Love

Poem By v.m.saraswathy munuswamy

In the tranquility of hope
And divinity of love that
Binds us to feel the inner self
Churns the butterfly moments
Though we met umpteen of times
We drown to search, what we lost
Found the new us in every sight
Mystical the experiences, at different levels
Felt the warmth of your companionship
In every breath....
Though let down by the one
Whom you trust...
Fall in love, long for the real one
Love is life, life is love...

Comments about Love Is Life....Life Is Love

beautifully penned about life and love
Very beautifully put down...
yes hope is tranquil, , true love is divine, the beauty of the inner self, mystical experiences, longing for the real one... i was just plucking flowers from your poems. should i say this spiritual philosophy is lovely.? .......... tony
Love is life. Three truthful words! What is life without love? Life is meaningless without love. God is love. Life is love. No life without God. No love without God in love. Thanks for the words of wisdom.
Love is everything in life! Seeking for peace and joy. Nice work.

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