Love Is Like A Flower In Bloom

Love is like a flower in bloom,
Whose sweet perfume fills the air.
That permeates the nightly gloom,
Welcoming the morning fair.

Love is like a bird that sings,
Sweetly to please your ears.
Or church bells that loudly ring,
And produce a joyful tear.

Love is like the morning dew,
Always fresh and clean.
Or a bride in the first pew,
Blushing bashfully when seen.

Love is like the rising moon,
Clouds streaming across it's face.
That makes young lovers swoon,
And makes hearts tend to race.

Love is like the gentle rain,
That purifies the land.
And makes everything brand new again,
Love dear friend, is always grand.

4/10/11 Alton Texas

by Juan Olivarez

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