Love Is Like A Season

Poem By Alok Kumar Srivastava

When love is like a season,
Changes without a reason
Trust has got shaken,
Then, terribly mistaken.

Girl, what have you done?
Was it all for fun?
Is there now, new anyone,
Just tell me once.

My eyes stopped blinking,
Left me alone thinking,
With heavy heart sinking,
Tell, me why have done so?

We played like a widgeon,
All direction and region
Why sudden separation,
Head burning with why and why.

It's not gonna history,
Buried with a mystery,
You cannot change like a season,
There must be genuine reason.

I would like to sing the song,
When what where went wrong,
Will be gonna close again,
Passion and love regain.

When love changes like a season,
There must a genuine reason.

Comments about Love Is Like A Season

season changes, do we?
love does not have any season, does not have any reason. Good poem. thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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