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Love Is Like A.....
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Love Is Like A.....

Love is like a war,
battle between someone's emotions,
fight between what Our hearts stand for,
War between what our Minds think to do,
conflict to end all doubt, and bring joy together.

Easy to start,
This pain that comes with love,
that scars our hearts,
will makes us bleed from the inside,
yet to leave no trace from it,
leaving us confused, insecure, forever in doubt.

Hard to end,
is that scar that marks us forever,
that brings some happy moments back,
and ton of sad, depressing,
the memories of hate and suffering,
that are haunting me up till this moment,
which will keep on haunting me for the rest of my life.

Imposible to forget,
is the touch, which i can still feel on the cheeks,
which u gave me when we said goodbye for the last time,
now it stays dormant in my imagination, to cheer me up when im down,
to remind me of you when i gaze upon the Shining Moon at night,
it brings back the times we had together, the times you needed me,
revives the times when i needed you,
the times when i could not live without you.

Love can be sweet,
Love can be cruel,
Love can give happiness,
love can release sadness,
That's why love is like a war...
Easy to start,
Hard to end,
Impossible to forget.

By Goran Trpevski

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Love is all Goran, the greatest of emotions....... Love duncan X