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Love Is....Love Is...Because It Is What Love Is
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Love Is....Love Is...Because It Is What Love Is

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

Love is the coin in the fountain
The wish that’s never granted
Love is the night sky that has more stars than you need
But less stars than you want

Love is that story that doesn’t have a clear ending
And no matter what you do, you can’t imagine a happy one

Love is that sky with only a single cloud
And just when you need the sunlight it creeps in front of the sun
And the light goes out

Love is that mark on you
The one you were born with
Want to get rid of
But wouldn’t be the same without

Love is that little tree standing lonely on field
You always think it’s in the way
But really it makes the field what it is

Love is the sand on the beach
Alone a grain of sand is nothing
Together it’s everything

Love is the river
It may look calm and still
But the truth is it never really stops
And you can never step in the same river twice

Love is what makes me write this poem….its what makes you read it
It’s the gravity that holds you down
And the air that can raise you up
It’s the force that moves you
And the wall that makes you stop

Its way you live
And the reason you want to die
But it’s also the reason you keep holding on
It’s the hope that gives us miracles
And the bad times that make you appreciate the good.

Its way I love you guys you see….
And the way you guys love me…

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Comments (3)

I read this poem on random, I am happy that I was lucky to read this poem among all theses poems, that is maybe also love.
I love reading your work...you manage to infuse such deep thought into beautiful poetry with ease....great work
You expressed love using nice imagery. Love with my 10.