Foolish Heart

The quiet moon has faded in sight
Yet he lingers in the lonely night
Just once he wishes they might
Just once things could be right
So dreams he would invite
And dreams he delight
Dreams of light and excite
Yet reality prove be blight

Still he wishes to fight
Still he holds on tight
Still he dreams of plight
Still his sprite grows in height

His heart defies his mind
It made his eyes go blind
To one it has confine
And reasons it left behind

by Matthew Bui

Comments (5)

A beautiful poem on love through conversation has been delineated by you touchingly, dear ES, in such a way that it is too interesting to read over and over again. A lovely poem on love..10
Enjoyed this interesting poem.
Such an endearing little poem, Unni! I loved the conversation. A truth of life and love!
A trivial incident in every day life says a lot. How people react to situations reveals their psyche. A good comment on love and its imperfection n unpredictability.
Wow lovely poem.. True love is loving someone in spite of thier imperfections and mistakes. +++10