Love Is Only A Word

Many songs and poems have been written about love,
In every single one there is truth in it.
I’ve written many myself,
Never really understanding.
I’d only write what I thought love was,
I’ve travelled many places with my heart.
Has I’ve learned on my way,
With love, you don’t have to say a word.
The many mistakes I’ve made.
When love is real, a word shouldn’t be spoken,
For you and they should know.
I can’t quite explain it,
I don’t think a word can,
Its just love.

by Joseph Tanner

Comments (2)

A wise, and moving poem. Bob Dylan said, 'Love is just a four-letter word'. So is 'poem' and so is 'word' - so is 'song' - it seems you've sent a message to us all - loved this.
I agree 100%, Love is a sacred word. which not need to be spoken, only felt.