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'Love Is Only Now'

We started off trembling
unsure of what
laid ahead of us
Never dared to hope
that it would last
I always kept my eyes closed
for a minute or two
when I woke up
Wondering if you'd be there
when I opened them

After a while we grew accustomed
to each other
to what we'd made
of our feelings
of our love
Yet I never said Forever
never even said Tomorrow

And I made you promise
to not in beforehand expect
what was to come
made you think of us
as a temporary substitute for something
else, something different
forced you to repeat the sentence
'Love is only now'
like a mantra in your head

And how I told myself that
it was the Truth,
that we could never rely
on the chemical reaction between us

Because I was supposed
to be rational, logical
I couldn't act like the naïve
that I was

So when it ended
what hit me the hardest
wasn't that our love had faded
but that I'd actually thought

it never would

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You've handled this subject really beautifully here. Lovely poem.