Transient Immortal

Tommorrow is on my calendar
as is every day next week.
I have interviews, appointments,
Dinners at which I'll speak.

I'll make some time for family
and writing, I suppose.
I may find time to barbecue
and to launder my work clothes.

When evening comes I'll settle back
with a glass of Pinot noir.
I'm a transient immortal,
I'm on loan here from a star.

The future is a game;
against ourselves we play.
We act as if we still have left
forever and a day.

In truth we all are transients
For just this moment free.
Self observing stardust
poised t'wixt two eternities

by John F. McCullagh

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Compassion carries all the ingredients required to make the world peaceful. Wonderfully articulated paraphrases in to a pleasing rhythm. Congrats for being the member's PoD and Thanks for sharing. X
Profoundly beautiful! Congratulations on Poem Of The Day. Well deserved!
A well written piece of poetry. You've expressed with no hold bars. Told with lots of sensitivity and articulated in a confident manner. Congratulated? ? ?
A superb poem that reminds us to be compassionate toward fellow human beings and to carry on despite adversity. Well done Pradip. Congratulations for poem of the day.
A beautiful poem that tells us that an 'undaunted-will' accompanied with optimistic approach can brush aside even the rushing torrents! Wonderful poem!
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