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Love Is Pain
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Love Is Pain

Today is the day I wipe my tears,
Today is the day I end all fears,
As I grab the gun the bullet flys,
I have now commited suicide,
As tears fall from the faces of family and friends,
My soul winds and bends,
Up to the heavens above,
For you I will always think of,
Your the cause of all my pain,
So don't complain,
Your love is what tore me apart,
I guess you really don't have a heart,
Love will make you die inside,
Love is the slowest form of suicide,
The more you love the more you cry,
The more you cry the more you die,
You caused my tears,
You caused my fears,
Now that I'm gone,
How will you live on,
Will you understand what I feel inside,
Will you understand you caused my suicide,
You live your life in regret,
Hoping you will soon forget....

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luv this poem it remindes me of my last love and how she made me feel