FL (10-16-1984 / Bronx, New York City)

Love Is Stronger Than Drugs

Drugs can get me high
It can get me rich if I sell.
But in reality that’s another side of hell
I know is wrong, but it’s everywhere
I control myself to stay away from drugs,
But I’m always offered drugs
Can I refuse yes! I can,
but would that make me an enemy to drugs.
I’m rather be an enemy to drugs,
then drugs make me an enemy to everyone.
I love myself a lot to have some rocks (drugs)
have my mind or me in a coffin box.
Love is stronger than drugs I repeat! ! !
Drugs can make you disappear, but Love will
always be in the atmosphere.
Love is stronger than drugs it will make us hold on
please try to understand
the burden of my song.

by Felix Lugo

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