Love Is Sweeter The Second Time Around!

Before my very eyes I was engrossed of sharing
I was deeply rooted of loving
Someone like you for you mean everything
In myself in my whole being

Chances then is taken away from me
We're suddendly separated by some mistakes
It was so painful that I can't hardly take
For it was my fault in the end

I should not waste those precious time
Thinking only for myself how to survive
I let it go and did not give a try
Yet I can't ignore for you're always on my mind

Now that we found each other
May our love grow deeper and stronger
We will face the world and accept whatever
Challenges, trials, misgivings in order to bind us stronger

Love is sweeter the second time around
I agree for now I found
My lost love safe and sound
Happiness in me now sorrounds

Though I have experience
Loneliness and bitter feelings
But when I found him
It all melted like an ice-cream

For it is hard to ignore him
The feeling inside me is tickilng
How I am suppose to pretend
I can't just stop but continue loving him!

by olive lasat

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