Love Is There (From, Without A Doubt)

New days feeling so fine
Coming through to know
Like beginning sunshine
In the grass to glow

The boundaries there between
To every two and two
Something that can't be seen
Except when love's there too

Just the beginning of fresh spring
The early sets coming on
When a latest bird will sing
For a tree in the sun

Love is there to sacrifice
Glowing shining bright
Every error and their tries
Coming to the fire light
When the night is gone away
And the morning's glowing
Before a young summer’s day
In the battles growing

So much of each understanding
What it is and what it is not
New daydreams are landing
To the ones you already got

Flow flow to their direction
Give to reverie´s start
The old and gone deception
Has bygone from your heart

by Peter S. Quinn

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