Love Is Unique And Confusing

Love make you have feelings out of this world. For something to be so strong it's only weakness is that you have to be reminded about it.

If you are in love with someone you should not disregard the fact, that person needs to knowthat you love him or her.

If you do not remind him or her of the love you have for them, that person then the contact is lost. He or she will assume that you lost your love. when in fact you love that person with all your heart.

Keep love constant and that person will always know the love is there.

Love is unique because for it to be so strong it is still weak. Its is confusing because you know you love that person and that person knows you love them; then why do we need to be reminded about love to kep it known?

by De'Vonzell Morgan

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Very nice..and a very true statement..However being deeply inlove is very addictive.(in a good way)