Love Is You And Me If It Is Green

When love forgets you in this our living dream.
And the cold wind to your heart,
Blow's in from that a cold still moving sea.
And the young have yet to learn and read about,
Old age it brings.
Someone said that love is a warm mouth,
That never speaks.

Could love be just a latter that one climbs,
To reach the top?
A level that but half can reach,
While the rest
Just fall back down again and never love to rise.

To the monied few it brings but sweet release,
Like a bush that dropped it's leaves and has to wait,
A year to get them back.
To soon she started squeezing, tugging just to win
His heart and he to young to know that every,
Peach though sweet has a fuzzy, different taste.

Love in death in death was love that can not change
What love's about.
And it's planting one large tree inside, in the hopes
That love comes back.
Love is one instead of two and love, is you and me.
Love's you and me.

by James McLain

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