Love It Is A Thing Of Beauty

Love it is a thing of beauty but the words i love you easy to say
And time with it always bring changes and things can even change much in a day
Last week whilst he made love to her he told her that he loved her so
And though love can be a joyful feeling it can have its side affects of woe
One who has said i love you often to many young women quite a few
Next week he will use his charm when seducing someone new
He has left her brokenhearted for trust and love there can be a price to pay
That few loves ever last a lifetime it has always been this way
She made love to him not for money only because she loved him true
Some like her for love and trusting their mistake have lived to rue
She will find one than him more faithful that should not be hard to do
But she will be a bit more cautious when he tells her that i love you
Love has left her brokenhearted and she is grieving for her loss
And time can be the greatest healer though life for us has many a cross.

by Francis Duggan

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