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...Love...(It Just Happens...)
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...Love...(It Just Happens...)

...Love...(It just happens...)

This is a story to anybody ever told,
It happened when i was 10 years old,
when my love grew manifold,
it doesn't matter the night hot an cold,
but my arms were empty with nobody in their fold.

I was once sixteen,
saw a girl in her fifteen,
her looks i had ever seen,
but it took long to really explain what i mean.

once i caught here eye,
i blinked and she got shy.

She just left,
with solitude ever my long freind i slept,

i was afraid,
things i should were never said.

will i again see her,
this thought itself makes me shiver.

how will see be now,
once carried a beauty which we remarked as 'wow'.

wherever you may be, i'll pray,
'ope someday i'll find you out and say.

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