Love It Self

Life`s best treasure

Other chapter of life

Vastest part of emotion

Extremely sweet

by Luwi Habte

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wow this is neat. i love the poem, but i think the pink is kinda distracting. but it did catch my attention to read ur lovely poem. great job.
The pink backround really captured my eyes.The words thems self are great and adding movement makes them even better. Words are always moving never stopping to catch a breath and with this you really say more than expected.
I'm sorry, I just can't read moving lines. It gives me a headache. GW62
Succinct but rich.
If love died out; So shall all the stars. So look to the sky for the brightest diamond, and make a wish. I've done made a wish on that heavenly body, I wish that your love shines the brightest of all. ~&~Peace A 10 and a thank you
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