I Saw My Wife Today

I saw a girl today while I was in middle of a yawn
She looked back at me and stuck out her tongue

She stepped over my lawn to say hello
I stepped out into the part of my grass that was sort of yellow

She smiled and said her name
I said mine but it sounded so damn lame

She placed out her hand
She looked into my eyes
She called me a human being, A real man
And I begun to cry

She took me off this imperfect land
And took my wrist and healed my scars
Even in this moment before it even ends I already miss the feeling her soft hand
As I walk into the heaven I hear the beating of her heart
She takes me to a far away land, a far away land so far

by Ray Mesa

Comments (6)

love is a mystery. we are ruled by it. thank u. tony
again and again i think of you my dearest.......... fine love poem full of emotions packed up in few verses.. dev
Youth and love are often timed and tied together but yes, be watchful of the pitfalls (I think & I re think and think again) . This is crucial. Thanks a lot, Dear Poet.
thinking and rethinking and thinking again again and again.. you are in love. thank you
Love is a beatiful feeling :) Do read my poem on LOVE.
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