Love Killer

so who will it be now
that cute kid next door
a husband a housewife
or just a cheap whore
I'll take you and make you
and maybe you'll fight
but in the end it won't matter
I'll be your last sight
the towns going crazy
parents are feeling the chill
who is this sick monster
and why does he kill
so what’s tonight’s choice
a rope gun or knife
oh I'll give new meaning
to the word 'Nightlife'
you should've stayed indoors
and not gone out alone
by the time they find you
there'll be nothing but bone
yeah I'll make it hurt
you'll beg cry and scream
just the way I like it
a real bloodluster’s dream
you'll ask how you'll die
will it be over fast
but I could take my time
for extra fun it'll last
shall I keep a ring, shoe
or a lock of your hair
torn shirt, or skirt
or your bloody underwear
now the last one's been buried
I've done as I please
and I just might stop
till the next bloody tease
oh I'm well respected
a real community pillar
because nobody here knows
I'm the Love Serial Killer

by American Male

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