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Love Knocks

Love knocks,
A sound I’ve not heard before
It’s always been me
On that side of the door.
Wondering, searching, and trying to find
A place to except this heart of mine.
I knock and always get turned away
Yet things are different now today
For love’s come knocking at my door
And now I’m scared to cross the floor.

Love Knocks,
A little harder this time
As a thousand thoughts
Race into my mind
Do I take the risk, and let Love in?
Or does my heart remain locked within?
I once thought love was there before
I answered to find only pain at my door
I ponder the chances of trying once more
As I slowly begin to cross the floor.

Love Knocks,
This time, it calls my name
Assuring me, now
It’s playing no game.
If this truly is love, then a fool I’d be
To let this chance slip away from me
I know not what love has in store
For it’s never come to me before
I stop, and find I’ve reached the door
The hard part’s over, I’ve crossed the floor

Love Knocks,
Again, its final call
Take now this chance,
Or loose it all
I take a second to swallow my pride
And command my courage and faith to mind.
I slowly reach out, and open my door
To find it’s real, unlike before
My heart begins to beat once more
As love first steps onto the floor.

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