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Love Labours Lost
JD (24th September 1987 / Royal Tunbridge Wells)

Love Labours Lost

Enter the man

Oh endowed might of man’s great
Through your eyes thou art the greatest
In troubled times thou hath believed that you
Art strongest
In thou own mind thy own thoughts betray

Enter the women

She destroys your hope of
She is you only hope of
She of all creatures makes you
Feel small
The women is man’s greatest threat
But thou need them

Enter the Children

They art devils to your grand design
Money spending
These art the destroyers of marriage
Interrupting Private Sessions
Children are the keepers of tempting
Their lies and thievery ruin your

Enter the Teenager

This is the time of reckoning
The time to tremble
For this art the fear of all parents
And to tremble kindred
This is when you are going to cope
With sexual activity hightens
In diverse quantities they flow
To realms of danger
This is the time to count your blessings
To bring forth the reckoning

Enter the Adult

A time of change occurs
This brings back the endless cycle
This is when stories of humanity
Become of reality
For this is the time of Sensibility
To see to security in life
This is the greatest moment in life
When your choices are made
The reckoning came and went
The revolution came and went

Life came and went.

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