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Love Left A Long Time Ago
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Love Left A Long Time Ago

Shoes cannot stretch
And neither can our love
Together we don't fit
Like an old glove

Love left a long time ago

We've stretched as far as we can
LIke a rubber band about to pop
Our love is all gone
We've seemed to have used it up

Now just simply breaking this bond
Is the hardest thing to do
Were no longer the only ones affected
There's a love child too

So do we stay together because were scared to leave her alone
The house is no longer a home but a war zone
Our love is all gone
Our puzzle pieces no longer fit

But where does that leave our child
Who has done nothing to deserve this?
Is leaving best for all of us?
Or just the both of us?

Left to ponder our thoughts
We're alone in this world
We're hurting each other
But were not alone

She's hurting too
But if were as good of actors as we think
She'll be fine don't you think?

How will you know
What should you think
When the love is all gone
Is a child enough to stay

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Comments (3)

Wow, this is amazing. My parents got divorced when I was 9 and they fought too, made the house war territory. And I’d thought that I was the cause of it and that if I’d done something differently things would have been better. I’d thought how my life would have been better if they’d stayed together (which I’ve now learned isn’t true.) But I never thought about them thinking about staying together for the children. It never even occurred to me that that was a factor in their decision, but now I see that it was probably a big part. And I’ve learned from my dad, that to him, it was the biggest part. No one, but you can answer your question, but I know that in my case breaking the bong was best. It took a long time to become the best, but in the long run it was the best decision they could have made. The world could be full of people waiting to love you, but you’re right to question it against your daughter’s happiness. I love the power of you words!
Grasped my attention straight away. You focus on a issue many people face.10/10
WOW... this is really touching.. powerful write... well done 10+