BYB ( / Hawaii)

Love Letter 2003

I tried to write a poem for you tonight
To encapsulate the feelings of joy
Elevated to heavens eyes
Gazing into a windowsill
On the streets of life.
But when pen hit paper
All was written in one line,
Punctuated in three words,
In the essence of one verb
That told a story yet to be written.
“I Love You”

Fallowed by blank lines on paper.
A romantic writers block
Any seasoned poet could not perfect.
A sheet of paper with a hole in it
Where my pen repetitively
touched down and lifted,
unable to materialize the word
to a poem already written to perfection
to hit your eyes, ears,
and tips of tongues
rolling out’
“I Love You”

Three words,
Three syllables,
Three exhales of breath
Formed into sound.
May heaven have the vocal cords to relay this to you
My joy, my happiness, my other half
“I Love You”

by Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao

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