Love Letter

Poem By Raj Thampi

Let me write you now
A love letter…
Bright day-my sheet of paper
And the spreading green
-my colored pen
I want to write you
I love you…
I want to write you
I miss you…
I want to write you
I long for you
I want to write you
I am dying without you
I want to write you
Everything I feel for you

Words filling the spaces
Your thoughts filling my soul
Your eyes haunting my visions
Your smiles brightening my days
Your distances frightening my nights
Shall I write them…here?
In this love letter
Will you feel the shiver?
Will you feel these sighs?
Will you feel my tears?
Will you feel my restlessness?
Will you feel my emptiness?
Will you feel my loneliness?
If I write them…here?
In this love letter

Shall I forget your address?
Shall I forget your name?
Shall I forget the routes reaching you?
Shall I forget your existence?
Shall I stop thinking…?
You not feeling me through these words
Written in this love letter…

Comments about Love Letter

This one is my favorite of yours...clear and to the point. I hope she knows who she is...but she better be psychic. =) jk Very sweet poem...

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