KK (1991 / )

Love Letter

My dear love

Its been so long am trying to write this to you, from the days when snake used to walk and roam. I was confused i was afraid What will happen if i say something am not meant to...
What will happen if I Say something that ll ruin the moments we cherished...

I knew it from the first day that thrs something, something special between us. A possibility of fantastic Hypothetical relation... Or a dream.

I was afraid of losing you. I was afraid that i will push you out.. I was afraid of touch, that the dream will end. The distance between us are just numbers. I always felt like you are around. I can smell you like the flower in my hand.

I am not what i was...I was changed before.. I am what i was before that change.

I really dnt knw its the correct time or not... I was waiting for it so long like ever.. But now i know there is nothing like correct... Its just time

Its time to say the obvious... Its time to break the ice with that heat..

'Hum mile na mile is zamee par... Us jannat ki chokhat par main tera intzaar karunga'


by kay kareman

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