Love Letter

I want someone to write me a love letter....
Not speaking of my face or body but describing the constellations in my eyes as he has learnt each one by name. By describing the sway in my step not because of my behind that follows but noticing the misalignment of my hips. Describing my smile as a railroad of imperfect teeth and perfect architectural curvature of my lips. My arms as a harbour of safety for him as much as his are to me. I want someone to describe me as their guardrail from jumping over the edge of the world into a dark abyss of superficial smiles and fake apologies. Describe me as their reality to a world where two make one mind in decision, attitude and importantly beliefs. Describe me as your Juliet who never died because living for you both, at your end, would be the aim. Importantly describe me as worthy of your time and efforts. Worthy of your patience and betterment of self. Describe me as you see me. Earnestly and truthfully. No applause for anything less than what you know me to be. Love me as 1 Corrinthians 13 dictates and hold me accountable of my attitude as you are the head but not the provider, God provides and you lead us. Help me uphold Proverbs 31 every day and help me remember I fall short of your love and our Heavenly Father' s but you both give it freely.

by Precious Queen

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A passionate love poem, well articulated and nicely brought forth from the heart with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing.
A great start with a nice poem, Precious Q. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks