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Love Letter From The Past
AC (06-04-1974 / Olsztyn, Poland)

Love Letter From The Past

Poem By Anna Cellmer

Love must be just a while
In reality
And eternity
In your mind
I know this
I feel this
I experienced this
You are the proof
Of my new theory
Yes, you my Love
So much years far away
This quickly light
In my life
For real
But don't worry
This light stayed
Inside me
I found you
I can speak again
It's wonderful
Don't you think?

Please lose your head
It will be so nice
If you could do it to me
You wont regret
I promise
You are a little bit
Too strong
With this silence
So long, I think

Come on, come talk to me
You are worth so much to me
You don't need to be so hard
Let's think
How to tell me
About your wishes now

Yes you didn't come
To meet me some time ago
But you called
And now
It's all I have
To build my dream
To be brave
And to write, my Love
Having hope
That you want this

You don't know
How it's sometimes difficult
To believe
That all I do
Is nice for you
Because you love me

Yes because
I know how it is
If you are not in love
And someone try
To be so nice
And you know
That he just waste the time
Because you are cold

But you were never cold to me
You've just been silent too long
Am I wrong?
But I must give you some advice
Don't try to pretend
Just tell me
What I meant for you
I really need to know
I'm waiting so long
Please do it for me
And tell me or show
What do you feel
Because it's not easy to me
To live with my family
When I see you
So strong, so intensively
I'm still waiting for you
I don't know what to do
To change this

It's your turn, my Love
To be honest to be sure
Let me come to you
And please don't treat me
As a idiot
Only because
I still love you
And I'm writing
Poems about this
It's just once
I'm like that in my life
And only to you
You should be happy
I'm rather reasonable girl
No one knows me as a woman
So crazy for the man
I'm sorry if it's too much for you
To stand
I didn't know
I'll do it for you
But I have to

Collecting a whiles
It's not bad idea
They are not heavy
So you can bring them
Everywhere you go

These are moments when I agree
With that situation
That you are silent
And maybe it's better
Perhaps it's the best way
To be with you
Right now like that
Maybe if we meet
If we would try to be together
It wont work at all?
It will be too difficult?
I don't know
But most of the time
I think that I'd like to try.

If you want
We don't need to talk
About the past
Just tell me
Is it nice to you
What I'm doing now?
Is it nice for you
That I love you?

I don't have a choice
I see you all the time
You don't know
How it's difficult to stop
I just can't concentrate
Seeing you in my bed
Even making love with him
Especially then
I can't stop to talk to you
So I don't have the choice
I'm in love,

I just can
Stop to write to you
If you wish
But it wont change
This what I feel
So maybe it's better
To tell you
It's better if you know
That you are still here
And you can't remove
And that I don't know
What to do
To be with you
And that this is all
I wish
But the worst is
That he is so good
I shouldn't hurt him
And I don't know
How to do it
If I want to be with you
And the children yet
Could they feel all right
Could they understand
The new situation?
In a new apartment
With you as a my partner?
It could be difficult
But maybe just
At the beginning?
Maybe after some time
It will be all right?
And my husband
Could visit us
And take them
To him for some time?
And we all could be friends?
I don't know
Is it possible
But it works
With his first son
That's why
I can believe
That it could be
Possible but
What do you think
About this?

I can't explain
Why I'm like that
Why I think about
Destruction of my family
I see you all the time
I can't stop
I know it's mad
Loving you
After so many years
Just because
I found you again
And I heard your voice
And It was
So sweet to me
And I was so happy
But what do you feel?
My Love
How do you find
Your role in my life
So special

Do you love
To be loved by me?
Do you love, me?

I didn't know
That this year
I'll start to live
So intensively
In my secret life
But you are
Again inside and
What can I do
For that
You are so wonderful to me?
That I can't find
Another topic
So interesting
To live
Love is all I need
And you are my love
From the first day
I saw you
And still
I just don't understand
Why we are not together
I know I talk too much
About my love to you
But I can't find
Other words
To speak with you
I'm sorry
I'm so mono-topic
I hope you don't find
It's boring

For me it's just
A sense of my existence
It's all I believe
I'm sorry I'm so simple girl
Do you think
We should speak
Rather about the politic?
All right
I can tell you
That your Blair is a quite nice man
I hope that you like
Our president, he is ok
What else
I'm really sorry
Because of the war
But maybe
It wasn't so bad
To try to win with
Osama Ben Laden?
And Hussain?
They are not a good men
But war is never great
So many people died
Again no sense with that
People fight
Besides it's nice
We are together
In this big organization
The European Union, European Integration
I'm sorry we are not so rich yet
And maybe we try to much to take of it
But it's normal conversation of the politic
So let's not talk about this so much
It's hard sometimes to understand some of the men
Who are there on the top and who speaks in our name
So, maybe let's talk about your land?

British culture
what do I mean?
It's John Lennon
The Rolling Stones
I know you
From the history
About the conquerors
Queen Elisabeth too
And Irish conflict through
You have a nice queen
You have a Hyde Park
In London
You are rather friends
Of us
Excluding the Jał ta Pact
You have a nice
A Prime Minister now
You are known
In this World
But this what
I remember the most
Is one Englishman
In Jersey born
And all I believe
That love
Is all I need
This simple truth
In all culture
From the Lennon's lips
What I also believe
But love is not so
Simple now, I know
But all I can say
Is that I just can't
And I can't
Just let you go again.

I think there in one big danger
That all love I have for you
I'll give you in these letters
And then
I'll stop to need to meet you in reality
So if you don't want this
I think that you should think
About the date of our meeting
This or next Year, ok?
Yes maybe this is not the best moment
To be together
But if only for one night?
Could it be all right?

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