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Love Letters About Jennifer (Last Love Letter)
RL (7/28/91 / California)

Love Letters About Jennifer (Last Love Letter)

I think we need to talk girl
Lately I've lost my love for you
But I know that if I look deep inside of me
I can find some trace of it inside my heart
I need to know if you still love me
After the things I said in the last letter
I bet you still remember about it
My biggest mistake was coming up to you and telling you
That I was the one writing the letters
You're so good pretending that you're OK
You may be dying but you don't want anyone to know
I know that you're still in love with me
You don't want me to go but I will
I will cry for you since it's the easiest way to forget
Being able to save my tears that are starting to run out

Good-bye my beauty queen of only fifteen

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