Love Letters For Sale!

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Distances made our relationship grow warmer
Through handwritten letters, the cards and the paper hearts
Or love grew stronger.

Destiny brought us face to face
We spent time wrapped in each others embrace
Love over flew by God’s grace.

Declaration of our affair was made public
Taken by surprise our families were, but our love did the trick
We married and now happiness it is.

Doom struck in the form of empty wallet
Money you see is an important ticket
For a married life ahead.

Done with loans-interests piled-marital trouble cyclone.
Slept with eyes open, love was forgotten
We then re-established the broken communication.

An idea we fabricated, a lovey-dovey idea-
Love sells big way, it a known Ad mantra
After much debate we finally reached a truce.

So we put up our Love Letters For Sale
Auctioned it off on ebay
The letters flew far and wide but the landed again on our side.

The money rang in our bank account
Marital bliss came around
And love kept on mounting.

They say where there is a will there is a way
Our love letters took us from near bankruptcy
And marital trouble to our happy today.

Sell your belongings, memory links and more
But don’t put your love on the butcher’s tray
For true love finds a solution to troubles in some or the other way.

(28 July 2006)

Comments about Love Letters For Sale!

Fabulous.......please read my poem it is related to yours. I am sooooooooooooooo pleased that you 'sold your love letters' and that the 'harsh winds dropped' and the 'warm sun now shines for you' again! Love to you and your lady. Colleen.
The theme is very nice Preeti, but it lacks fluency. You are much talented to let it happen in poems. The title is the best. Anjana
Wow! Never read something like this before. The last stanza is great! Beautiful poem!
VERY NICE INDEED.... Preets, I like the style you maintain in each of your poems, never stop writing.....10/10....... I hope you get time to read my LOVE poems, would love to get your comments and votes on the same.
tighten it preets...smoothen the

2,6 out of 5
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