Got A Crush On You

I think about you very often;
U occupy my thoughts
I don’t wanna feel this way bout u
But u’ve gotta hold of my heart

And no matter how I feel
Boy, u’re never gonna know
Coz, this just isn’t right
Even though it feels so

I’m fighting with myself
Heart and mind at war
I wanna get u outta my head
Hasn’t seemed to work so far

I’ve never felt this way before
No- one’s ever got this close
This is really hard to handle
And its getting worse

Its just a crush they say
Everyone gets them sometime
Is this what I feel for you?
Will this be over someday?

by nisha dyrene

Comments (6)

Fabulous.......please read my poem it is related to yours. I am sooooooooooooooo pleased that you 'sold your love letters' and that the 'harsh winds dropped' and the 'warm sun now shines for you' again! Love to you and your lady. Colleen.
The theme is very nice Preeti, but it lacks fluency. You are much talented to let it happen in poems. The title is the best. Anjana
Wow! Never read something like this before. The last stanza is great! Beautiful poem!
VERY NICE INDEED.... Preets, I like the style you maintain in each of your poems, never stop writing.....10/10....... I hope you get time to read my LOVE poems, would love to get your comments and votes on the same.
tighten it preets...smoothen the
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