Love Lies Bleeding

Love lies bleeding in the bed whereover
Roses lean with smiling mouths or pleading:
Earth lies laughing where the sun's dart clove her:
Love lies bleeding.

Stately shine his purple plumes, exceeding
Pride of princes: nor shall maid or lover
Find on earth a fairer sign worth heeding.

Yet may love, sore wounded scarce recover
Strength and spirit again, with life receding:
Hope and joy, wind-winged, about him hover:
Love lies bleeding.

by Algernon Charles Swinburne

Comments (4)

Paul and Liza gave this poem its due- -it is rhythmic and it is sadly true.
This piece lends itself to a setting with music. Not only is the rhythm well focused, the images lend themselves to a melody, Hat off to the romantic chap from Merry Ol' England.
Wonderful rhythm, as if it takes you to smoothly move on quiet and warm waves! the words stretch their longing hands to a reader in order to embrace him or her like tender loveing creature! Perfect construction of a poem. Wave-like construction.
Such an interesting poem posted here............. Thanks.