Love Loss

I never tasted love loss before you
All I knew was a feeling that fades away with time,
I thought you are just a dream
my eyes would forget with time,
I realized you dived into my spirit
shook me from inside,
touched me with your humbleness,
took me higher over the seven skies, suddenly
dropped me deep down into the darkness of loneliness and vagueness.

I never thought I'd be in love ever
All I know was a feeling that took over me and went away,
I thought you are just a wound,
I'd get rid of in sometime.
I found out you were a stamp on my heart
injured me deeply,
stroke me from within,
cut me into two,
tore my feelings away and
soothed my bleeding heart with your departure.

Now, I know that you are gone,
far and away from me
I try to look for you,
cry for you
hunt for your footsteps.
I go to every single place we had been together to,
not to see you but to believe
you're no more there.

I am alone,
I will be always without you,
So erase the steps we took together once.
I know it hurts deeply
each time your names comes up but
I am sure you will be happy
seeing me never again in your life.

by Asma Khan

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