Poem Hunter
(22.11.1944 / Nottingham, England/live in Australia)


When the first sweet burst of love and lust
Has eddied and ebbed to dreams and dust,
Has eddied and ebbed in the tide of my head
To the essence of dreams and dust;

And once the passionate nights are spent
In sipping the wine the gods repent,
In sipping the wine that's tipping my mind
To find that my mind is spent;

And when the smile that you have for me
Has slipped and dipped for eternity,
Has slipped and dipped in the wayward shift
Of the love that you have for me;

I think I'll sit and I'll sigh at night
To drift and dream to the dawning light,
To drift and dream in the dreams and dust
That I hold of you in the candlelight.

30 November 1973

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I agree Lost Love can cause one to sit and cry at night, when no one can see. Strong poem.