Love Lost

Poem By Biscuit Collection

Let me tell you a story of two people who loved and lost that love.

She loved him completely. And maybe, so did he. She fought for him. He tried to for her. She needed him. But he has far more important things in mind. She waited for him to need her. But he failed to realize. She tried to understand. And he kept on his ways. Still, she tried to understand. He still didn’t need her. She tried to ignore the hurting. He thought she didn’t care. She tried to ignore that too. He concluded she was changing. She tried to justify. It never came through to him. He slowly moved farther away from her. She tried to reach out to him. But he refuses to grasp the outreached hand. She tried to catch up with him. He walks faster on. She ran and stumbled. He didn’t see her fall. She tried to get up and call after him. But he was too far to hear. She gave up trying and stayed low. He looked back and saw nothing. She waited for him to look back. He thought she had given up. She’s still waiting. He went on his way thinking she deserted him. She managed to get up somehow. He walks on, doesn’t look back. She tried to catch glimpse of him. He’s too far to see now. She thought he deserted her. He’s walking on. She waits for him to come back. He slows down now hoping she would catch up soon. She can’t figure out which way he went. He stops now and looks back, still no sight of her. She’s still trying to figure out which way to go. He waits for her. She tried this way and then that way, but still no sign of him. He’s getting restless now. She’s getting tired. He gives up the wait and continues to walk on. She gave up running and slowly, very slowly walks the other way.

Until now, these two people are walking farther and farther away from each other. Walking on to separate paths. Not knowing, not realizing that they did have the love but somehow, failed to prove to each other just how much that love is. The walk continues on, stopping now and then to rest and be miserable of what was lost. Trying to get through alone, refusing paths that reminded them of each other, not realizing how far apart they really were, and how much farther apart they are becoming. Words and tears were shed but still pride sets in. And so, the sauntering continues. She’s tired and weary now. And very slowly she tries to manage alone. Nothing’s known of his ways now. She thinks of him everyday and hopes that somewhere in this tangled walks, their paths would meet again. And then maybe, just maybe this time, love won’t end.

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wrong signals and misconnections, perhaps there should be more directness.

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I guess there’s nothing more to say now
Everything’s been said and done
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I made something for him. I planned it to be some sort of a sweet surprise. I expected him to be, at least, happy. But I guess he found the whole idea crazy. And it hurts so much. I had been planning this for weeks and I really thought this would somehow touch him. But I was wrong.

He never knew I was hurt. I never had that strength to tell him so. I couldn’t blame him for thinking this was crazy. It was, anyway, just a game I made up, for all he cared. He never knew I spent weeks creating this crazy idea. He never knew I was serious about this either. But I was.

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Today, as I start anew
I leave the past behind.
Every memory, every moment
Remains but distant past.


It’s my best time of the year. Everything seems to be in place.. well, almost everything except one – myself. Everything has changed. And I guess I’m seeing things a whole lot differently from when I was younger. But this new life, this new love, these changes couldn’t quite satisfy me. I seem to still want something I know not what. And even if I try hard to ignore this emptiness, I am still not able to overcome the pain that’s inside of me. Day by day, I exist with one thought, “happiness is what’s in front of me… I only have to open my eyes to see, ” hoping that somehow I’d understand. Easier said than done. The more I try to open my eyes the more I did not want to see. It’s enough for me to know and see once. I need not have to see again and again, for every day of my life. Torture. Each day finds a new way to torment me. And I haven’t changed one bit, in heart and soul. Not one bit, except that I’m much stronger now and much much more wiser. Faith and courage is what keeps me.

Life had always been beautiful and kind. In spite of all the pain, in spite of all the emptiness I would still choose to go on, even if only for being alive itself. I’ve been blessed with so much of what life has to offer. A good mind, good heart, good family, friends, love, education but still, it doesn’t seem to fill in the emptiness. Life is not perfect – never was and never will. I did not want it to either. All I ever wanted was all I could never have, all I could never be. Sadly. I, of all people, was never perfect. I am imperfect in every way. But I do not yearn for perfection, only completeness.

Heart Aches

Well, nothing’s changed. I’m still me. That’s a good thing, I guess. Permanence is one uncertainty that I should have to deal with for the rest of my life. And Love. Was it ever permanent? I shouldn’t say so. Coz if it was, then maybe things would somehow be different.

I never understood love either. What’s up with love anyway? We have to admit, It does make you do crazy think about how fat you are or how thin you are… what you would wear to impress him…what you’d say when he talks to you…you think of him everyday, every second, every moment… darn this! And the saddest part of it is – it hurts people…not just yourself…and it hurts like no other.