Love Lost Again

Poem By Ebone' Ingram

I tried so hard to love you
Knowing it wouldn't work
Still I decided to love you
And look at how much I'm hurt

Gave it my all
But my all wasn't needed, or wanted
It was over the top
So I'll never try to love again
(I never will try, no)

I wished on stars to have you,
Made my hopes clear to God
But I guess I just couldn't have you
Even though I prayed so hard.

Now all the fantasies haunt me
Your image, your voice just won't leave me alone
I just can't take it, love lost again
So I won't ever go again (into that unknown)
I needed somebody, anybody
To wipe away the tears I've been crying for these years
Love's been so cold to me
So I just don't care anymore

Comments about Love Lost Again

I love ur song...but you should let us hear ur voice so we know how the song really goes. It sounds liek a good song to listen to so put ur voice in to it. Thankz! ! ! !

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