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The Only Way
(26th April / Nagpur)

The Only Way

Falling onto the bathroom floor
With tears filling my eyes
I’ve turned the music up
So no one hears my cries

I open up the cupboard door
And take out a single blade
So many past experiences
In my head are not replayed

There’s now a puddle on the floor
My eyes have cried so much today
But now it’s time my arm does too
It is the only way

I press the cold blade against my wrist
I push down as hard as I can
I smile thinking to myself
My death has just began

The pain is sharp and stings
I let out a little cry
I start to lose consciousness and fall
Onto a pool of red I die

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Excellent poem, melodious.
Melodious poem. Nicely expressed.
Wonderful poem on love
Tic tac toe, you gave a flow What love has to do Is life's tale O
Wonderful poem, , , , , , Love and Life both are part and parcel.
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