Love.Love.Love I See U

i see! ! is what i say
i say loud! ! but that's when i pray
it's raining so so hard but i see u clear
but inside me... what is this fear
my ears are open for me too hear
my heart beats louder then a bass and snare
im the type that really does care
and everything i have im welling to share
and at the hug just me tighter then a bear
you smile ear to ear.. and i love that face
and let me take you to my heavenly place
and what i say is not pretend
well people..yes this is the end

by Adrian Equihua

Comments (1)

ha ha ha! well people this is the end! ha ha ha! ! ! ! ! thats funny! nice poem! but dont u mean everything i have i' m WILLING to share? ? ? ?