Energetic Nature

Tired he, slept in the lap of mother darkness
To recoup the whole energy; the brightness,
The moon stood there, guiding, as Gnome
Ah! Star lit roof of hope, for the baby's home

Flowery garden with snoring note of fragrance
Calm and cool, silence everywhere from thence,
To the love making hearts; art of dreaming soul,
Sounds of crickets, pouncing bat and preying owl

When they go asleep, hopes into the heart peep,
Flowers laugh and sprinkle their hues they keep,
Bathed with heaven's water; angelic freshness raise!
Enchanting, recitation, chime; on heaven's praise,

Rejuvenation is the basic instinct of nature, we all know
Ah! Inspiring Lord, It's only for thee; praise and the bow

by Aftab Alam

Comments (8)

what a unique definition of love....I love this poem
Love is not Love Love is white! What a style! SylvaOnyema Uba
Sweet and romantic! ; -)
i love this poem it is so sweet and t is so kind and thoughtful
loved you way of love u may like my poem which is also on love sun and planet
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