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Love, Lust Or Hate
AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)

Love, Lust Or Hate

I thought I had feelings for you
I left my friends for you
When you called I jumped for you
Whatever you wanted I got it for you
No matter what I had to do
Only you I thought about everyday
However you felt I felt the same
When you were sad
I was sad with you
Eventhough I would cheer you up
As long as you were happy
I cared about you
Yet it was weird
I never felt like this before
Was it love?
Was it lust?
Hell no I was just confused
You had me so wond up
I didnt even know what my name was
Why did I even fall for you?
You played with my emotions
More than anyone would ever know
Why did I still stick by your side?
I caught you in action with other people
All I did was turn around and leave
Gave you chance after chance
Everytime you would just shit on me
And I STILL went back to you
The stress you gave me
Is more that I ever had to deal with
Now I'm over you
You will never be able to get at me again
Im through with you..

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Very Nice Its hare to have the courage to walk away from a guy who has hurt you or played with your mind like that. Luv -kris-