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Love Making Love
LK ( / UK)

Love Making Love

Fingers mesmerizing cool and soft against skin
Tongues softly seeking whipping tasting lingering
Arms clutching holding wrapping enfolding yearning
Love making Love

Bodies yours to mine moulding wanting
Caressing touching electrifying
Silken subtle gentle
Wild and wonderful
Feathered touch
Crushed rose petals

Breaths heavy hot hard
Molten Volcanic
Fiery delight

Essence of love
Unforgettable irrisistable unimaginable

Lavender Chamomile Jasmine
Sweet sultry
Amazingly beautiful

Fantasy Dream Reality
Love making Love

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Comments (13)

Nice imagery created here Leila
love making love beyond the control and conception of the human... love makes love... great poetry great words.
marvelous poem, giving me the mood of the poet thank you for shearing.
Superb Passionate poem on love making.10+
the voice reading the poem does not do the poem justice. please more sensuality.and PASSION
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