SM (Apr 02,1976 / California)

Love Making Why Am I Faking?

When he looked at me and said 'I want you in that way, '
I wasn't sure what to say for I didn't feel that way. What did
he expect me to do? Was I to roll out the carpet and submit
to his will or could I truly tell him how I feel? As my mind began
to spill I could see his eyes trying to will me.

My emotions I cannot control I do not want his body next to mine
is that a crime? It's not that I don't love him but that my body does
not feel the same sensation or thrill. I have tried before to will my
body into a thrill but in our love making I did not feel any of the emotion that seemed almost exposive in his body motions.

The love making that used to be a great partaking in our loves evolution became a token with absolutely no emotion. How could
this be something that used to be so sweet in our life made me
weep. At night I just want to go to sleep what could this mean?
There is no question that I love him but why do I pretend in this relationship is that a sin?

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The five senses in question, its difficult to control them, but if you do ur destined to be great.