(July 13,1991 / Indiana)

Love Me

Watch me again get lost in my thoughts
Lost from reality, ready to run
Away from the world
In three, in two, in one
Holding back of a flood of firey emotion
Only barred by a lover's lips
a four letter word that could have begun
a terrifying sound as my heart rips
in two
I watch as he cries
a quivering voice and a look as deep as the ocean
Salty tears coming from a place
full of storming emotion
In three
moments I'm completely emersed
Drowning in his eyes of blue
that emphasize the inevitable face
That I always knew
In four
years i'll be in charge
Completely in control of me
My emotions completely secure
Not swept around by your heart's sea
Four letters will sound
from across my lip
as my true thoughts begin to slip
and sometime in the following
five minutes
You'll say you love me too

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