OMJ ( / Collinsville, Mississippi)

Love Me

Love me, love me in the Springtime
When the violets and apples bloom so sweet
and I shall run across the meadow
and gather daisies to throw at your feet.

Oh, love me, love me in the Summer
when the mockingbird sings and the pregnant world is lush
and I shall cool your brow with mountain dew
and read to you when all the world is hushed.

Love me, love me in the Autumn
when the days are lazy, when the days are long
We'll dine 'neath stars so bright and shiny
together darling we'll sing love's sweet song.

Love me, love me in the Winter
when the world is enclosed in a blanket of white snow.
Grow old along with me and I'll kiss you
I shall kiss you, dear, in the firelight's soft glow.

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