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I once wrote some poetry - the best,
the finest POETRY
My POETRY came with a capital
My POETRY was distinguished
POETRY, proper, complete line of
Verse POETRY - honorable,
prehistoric, geographical POETRY
Divine, instinctive, even religious
I sent it to the magazines
The very good magazines
The very best magazines -
They returned it to me every time!
I once wrote some inferior POETRY
Low in style, irregular in measure
Undignified, trivial, absurd POETRY
inadequate, mischievous, comic
Some stuff like this - A CRIME -
I sent it to the magazines
The very good magazines
The very best magazines

They kept it every time!
Now, I ask of you - my question is
fair and brief - I ask
Of you - your ear I pray and beg you
give -
Shall I write intuitive,
comprehensive, reasoning
Specific, Godlike, Capitol
committed POETRY
The sort I think will live?
Or shall I write inferior, very bad
POETRY - the kind that soon is
Dead - and send it to the magazines,
the very good, the best magazines

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i read again and had a laughing moment at the ending. a rather extended, nice, gratifying laughing moment, if you MUST know! i still don't know if you are alive, but i'll spend the time, because this poem was SOOOO entertaining, to tell you i now will be entering it into my July showcase asap. i will send you a PH message to explain the showcase to you. thanks. bri :)
Hello I enjoyed this poem. My opinion is to write intuitively and always Straight From the Heart!
are you still alive? still on PH? i LOVE this poem! ! ! to MyPoemList! thanks. i write crude-rude poetry as well! bri :)
well this is funny and makes me laugh... laughter is good and it helps people stay alive... but intuition helps people life... so write intuitive
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