This Too Shall Pass

It is said with a gaze as steady as sky
wispy and wavy but never a lie
It is said with a smile small or unseen
careful and quiet for all that has been

when trouble crashes over you
when hardship cracks the ground
when pain pierces past your skin
when walls are your surround
take a breath and remember
this too shall pass

when joy makes you giddy
when brightest blinds your gaze
when pride holds you up above
when easiness lets you laze
take a breath and remember
this too shall pass

treasure every moment
learn from every pain
gather in your memories
they are what you truly gain
live every second
love with all your heart
never give in or give up
embrace every new start

everything is precious
all of life is glorious
this too shall pass

by Joeline Rayment

Comments (10)

i read again and had a laughing moment at the ending. a rather extended, nice, gratifying laughing moment, if you MUST know! i still don't know if you are alive, but i'll spend the time, because this poem was SOOOO entertaining, to tell you i now will be entering it into my July showcase asap. i will send you a PH message to explain the showcase to you. thanks. bri :)
Hello I enjoyed this poem. My opinion is to write intuitively and always Straight From the Heart!
are you still alive? still on PH? i LOVE this poem! ! ! to MyPoemList! thanks. i write crude-rude poetry as well! bri :)
well this is funny and makes me laugh... laughter is good and it helps people stay alive... but intuition helps people life... so write intuitive
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