Love Me - Love My Poetry

I once wrote some poetry - the best,
the finest POETRY
My POETRY came with a capital

by Bonnie Alden Phillips Click to read full poem

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Love is a pure sensation, a way beyond happiness or sadness. https: //youthwaypoetry/what-is-love-poem
Love is a pure sensation, a way beyond happiness or sadness. Love is an island between the sea of emotions. ++1++
i read again and had a laughing moment at the ending. a rather extended, nice, gratifying laughing moment, if you MUST know! i still don't know if you are alive, but i'll spend the time, because this poem was SOOOO entertaining, to tell you i now will be entering it into my July showcase asap. i will send you a PH message to explain the showcase to you. thanks. bri :)
Hello I enjoyed this poem. My opinion is to write intuitively and always Straight From the Heart!
are you still alive? still on PH? i LOVE this poem! ! ! to MyPoemList! thanks. i write crude-rude poetry as well! bri :)
well this is funny and makes me laugh... laughter is good and it helps people stay alive... but intuition helps people life... so write intuitive
Shall I write intuitive, comprehensive, reasoning POETRY Specific, Godlike, Capitol committed POETRY The sort I think will live? Or shall I write inferior, very bad POETRY - the kind that soon is Dead - and send it to the magazines, the very good, the best magazines THAT I MAY LIVE INSTEAD! ! ! Nicely asked. Great truth. 10++
(Love Me - Love My Poetry - Poem by Bonnie Alden Phillips.) Personally, I would continue to write the best. Seek to do your best, and no less.
write all forms of poetry everything that comes to mind well done
write both. If you write for masses- then it will last longer, see wider distribution. What is your instinct? If you write traditional, then perhaps you will be remebered by critics, earn a few awards. But your poetry will not see a wide readership. Perhaps, academics, students? Who is your audience & what are your instincts?
A fantastic poem. It captures the dilema that we all go through when writing poetry: weather to go for the traditional, crafted style of the cannon poets, create beautiful work but be shunned by contemporary critics, or to go for formless postmodern rambling, be praised as being fresh and radical but gain no real artistic reward from your work. To earn a living churning out dross or to try to earn your place among the greats?