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What If

What if the sky wasn't blue?
What if wishes didn't come true?
What if there was no me and you?
What if you didn't know your left from right shoe?

What if you did less than you attempted to?
What if you lose patience without further ado?
What if all animals were in the wild instead of in a zoo?
What if your preference was for old as much as new?

What if one and one didn't add up to two?
What if summarily distracted you used also rather than too?
What if a cow went woof instead of moo?
What if you preferred to say hallo rather than adieu?

What if you steadfastly refused to join a cue?
What if you were late in contravention of a curfew?
What if many was just as important as few?
What if you preserved instead of opt to renew?

What if you declined pressing charges so as not to sue?
What if your commitment caused for bone and sinew?
What if the morning grass lacked a cover of dew?
What if blossoms withered rather than grew?

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Inviting. Beckoning. Welcoming. Calling me into Unconditional Love. “Ease into my arms, ” you whisper. “Forget the hurt.” Already it has happened. All my doubts and fears disappear. You sigh, “Every part of my mind, body, and soul craves the essence of you.” I come. I melt inside you. Beautifully done!
I can't wait for you to post more, for your writing has brought a fresh breeze into my stale world.