FU (26th of august 1999 / Nigeria)

Love Me Or Nothing

Do you believe in love the way I do?
Do you think we believe in the same love?
Genuine love
Pure love
True love
Do you think I'll love to love you forever?
I know you understand
Its simple
Love me or nothing

I may lack words
I may lack action
To express my sincere love
But I don't lack love
If love was a song, I'll sing for you
If love was a hobby, I'll practice for you
If love was war, I'll fight for you
If love was a language, I'll teach you
Since love is love, I'll love you
Always, forever.
But you must,
love me or nothing.

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Comments (4)

A refined poetic imagination, Favour ugwumba. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.
powerful lines you have here
Genuine love or pure love or true love is very beautiful and powerful. This is emotionally presented wonderful poem shared is nice one....10
Great write about loving to the fullest extent.