Too Much!

Fifteen years old we are
Freshmen year is on the way
Excited all the day
First day came
And it is the school's blame
Because school wasn't the same
High school, have to be adventurous
But we became so furious
Too much pressure they put on us
From the first Day
Fun, i wouldn't say
Medical college they think we are in
Hey! , Back to reality
This isn't our ability
Doctors, we are not going to be
We are in high school, if you can see? !
Enjoy life, we want
Too much pressure we can't stand
Teenagers we are
Hey! , we can't even drive a car
Too much pressure
We can't measure
Life we need to Enjoy
To fi full our minds with Joy. :)

by michelle al G

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A refined poetic imagination, King a. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
an invitation to love and enjoy the company of the beloved