Love Me While You Can

Love is but the greatest gift
Been given to man
So I choose to love
To love while I can

I loosen the knot in me
To express how I feel
For love is no prisoner
To be imprisoned by me

If you have roses for me
Give them all to me
And if you love my lips
Ask me for a kiss

Don't be scared my dear
To hold my hands when we meet
And if handshake is not enough
Go ahead and embrace me

If you love the way I look
Approach me to tell me
I will write that down on my book
That someone once told me

If you love my smiles
I can give you more of it
But how will I know you do
If you don't tell me

If you want my love
Be brave to say you do
I'm no beast my dear
No harm in trying

If you love my hair
Hesitate not to tell me so
For people like you are loved
With words so good and fair

If you want to be my friend
Be glad for you are welcome
Do not be shy to look at me
Mindful of our social status

If you want to walk with me
Don't be intimidated by my beauty
Hold me by the waist
And let the others gossip

If you have gifts for me
Come give them to me
I will appreciate them all
No matter how big or small

We know love stories told at lunch
Ends on a romantic supper
There are many unfinished words
Between two shaking hands

If you want my treasure badly
You might be lucky to have some
For many had visited
You are just an added one

Heartbreak is but a curse
That ends the race of love
But if ever I break your heart
Let love still take it stand

Love me while you can my dear
For love is shortened by life
And keep the memories we shared
If you make another your wife

by king adams

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A refined poetic imagination, King a. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
an invitation to love and enjoy the company of the beloved