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Love Means Evolution Didn'T
(October 9,1948 / Dayton, Tennessee)

Love Means Evolution Didn'T

They’d like for us to believe that
Mere matter in various forms
Combined in coincident order
Like particles driven by storms.

For millions and millions of ages
Without any reason or rhyme,
Those random events replicated
Until after eons of time

Some cells became interconnected.
Then life in its simplest occurred-
That even without a director
This process was never deterred.

They try to convince us that thousands
Of changes were forced to be made;
Adjustments then deemed as advancing-
Yeah right- only those made the grade.

The odds of the oddest occurrence
Were met during millions of years;
Each chance was allowed its own trial
And bested the best of its peers.

At some point some brain cells developed-
They must have or none would survive;
Except for the strong or the many
Whose numbers kept species alive.

The dinosaurs perished as nature
Reached out for the best that evolved,
And unlike the previous failures
With brains all the problems were solved.

And then the intelligent triumphed;
The smartest and best beat the rest;
The cave men lost out in the ice age
As men of our ilk passed the test.

The process continued for ages
Excluding the weak and the slow-
Each century ever evolving
Expanding man’s mental plateau.

If so, how does “Love” keep existing
When only the fittest survive?
It’s such an unselfish emotion.
What accident kept Love alive?

You’d think that the first time a mother
Paused briefly to wait for her child,
That both of them would have been trampled-
The case for extinction thus filed.

If only the fittest move forward
(Their sons lying cold in the dust)
The human race would have been stymied.
That thought churns up utter disgust!

For Love took the lowest position,
Though meek, science still can’t defy.
So, what fact negates evolution?
God does it, with Love that won’t die.

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Mac Wilkey echos what millions know but are slow to admit, such is the weight of evolutionary 'evidence'. Evolution only degrades man into another beast and gives excuse for beastial non-accountability against his fellow man. God created man in an instant and made more than flesh and blood; he gave us a heart to know him and to know our brotherhood!